Thursday, June 9, 2011

EXPOSED: Weiner Heads Have Big Time With Rising Scandal

Another rousing selection of Weinergate headlines and punny commentary from pubs around the nation...

"Weiner Twitpics Prick Pic To Chick in Seattle"

New York Daily News: "Rep. Anthony Weiner has six babes on the Internet—and one baby on the way."

CBS: "Dems Shunning Weiner Big-Time, Strategist Says"

Sky News: "Weiner Out?"

Seattle Times: "Pressure Mounts For Weiner To Resign"

"Weiner holds strong... but then comes up short"

"Weiner No Longer Standing Proud"

"Weiner Blown Out of Proportion"

"Conservative Bloggers Vow to Take Erect Weiner as Far as Possible" 

"Seeking to Rectify, Breitbart Gets To The Bottom Of It All"

"Weiner Bigger Than Breitbart, Drudge Wants A Closer Look"

"Weiner says he has a solid staff, and he'll stick it out"

John Stewart: Anthony Weiner Apologized To Bill Clinton For 'Copyright Infringement'"