Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week: Hometown Bound To Lynchburg, Va.

On Tuesday, I'm heading south for a week's journey to hometown Lynchburg, Va. Many activities ahead: First, I'll be attending my 31st high school reunion with Donna Mae Moose, who accompanied me to my 30th last year; this year I'll be her date for her 30th reunion, seeing numerous friends from the E.C. Glass High School Class of 1981.

Also on the agenda... a visit to Strele's grave in Bedford, Va., for the first time since his death in January 2008, plus the usual goodies: photos galore of the region's generous outpouring of historic architecture, all essential trip to the gargantuan new Walmart that opened the week after I was in Lynchburg last year, a stop by Ruby Tuesday with Trixmoose to Ruby Tuesday for the only salad bar left on earth, and of course, quality time with the parents, bro & sis in law.

Stand by for full coverage of all the southern charm, beginning Wednesday!