Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NYC Vintage Image Of The Day: MYSTERY SOLVED!

Today's NYC Vintage Image depicts "Brooklyn Circle" in 1904. The picture is so beautiful that I decided to post it, despite the fact that I could find no references to exactly where it is/was—or what it looks like today.

Mystery solved! Longtime New York resident and pal Leonard reveals that the colorized photograph is in the Prospect Park West area of the Park Slope neighborhood (where he once resided, albeit post-1904, ahem).

The large red brick Venetian revival building (back right), is The Montauk Club at Eighth Avenue and Lincoln Place, which was designed by famed New York architect Francis Kimball, who was inspired by a palace on Venice’s Grand Canal. The Club House—where gentlemen came to drink brandy, smoke cigars and schmooze—was completed in 1891 and its Venetian gothic architecture, carved mahogany woodwork and beautiful stained glass windows remain signature features today.

In 1996, the clubhouse was converted to condominiums with the membership retaining the parlor and second floor for club use. Below is a recent 4,000 square foot unit that was on the market.
The surrounding neighborhood along Prospect Park West was known as the Gold Coast in the 1890s, with its beautiful Victorian homes. Sadly, the curved Brooklyn Circle no longer exists. It was eventually straightened to line evenly with Prospect Park West.