Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Darren Does It Again: Smokes Nun Hits!

Man, it never fails. Every time The Smoking Nun mentions the two words "Darren Hayes"—I offer with the utmost respect—it's as if I've announced the invention of the wheel. My lovely Monday meet-up with our wonderful friend, who was in New York earlier this week, not only fostered 68 out of 100 visits to the Nun today, but, as you can see here, drew visitors from all over the world—and increased traffic from an average of 400 hits a day to more than 1,400 Monday... and still counting Tuesday!

I told Darren that I should start a Darren-A-Day post... "Today Darren belched, and it kind of smelled like rice..."

You cool cats recognize that I say all of this with a wink. You know as do I that Darren is a true gentleman, a stellar singer/songwriter and one of the warmest, most sincere artists I have had the pleasure of knowing. I share the love.Click to see details!