Sunday, August 7, 2011

Newsweek Does It Again: Fourth Heinous Sensationalist Cover Story

At this point it's not even shocking anymore. The Weekly World News Newsweek is clearly going for broke with the most sensationalist, if not laughable covers stories, obviously courting a decidedly gullible, low-brow audience.

Recent pieces have promoted Sarah Palin as a valid presidential candidate, showcased a tasteless dead Princess Diana and a "news" story offering a facts-free account from the serial liar hotel maid whose tawdry tale against Dominique Strauss-Kahn reads like the diary of a disturbed teen.

And now we have Tea Party freakazoid Michele Bachmann on the Aug. 11, 2011 cover, personified with spacey bug eyes as "The Queen Of Rage." The story's not out yet, so I can't bug my own eyes over the offensive quotes the rag is likely to let the woman get away with (remember, she's the one who flippantly referred to President Obama as the "gangster administration"). I wonder if she'll confess that her husband is a screaming homosexual??

In September, Newsweek was sold by The Washington Post Co., to audio magnate Sidney Harmon, and the mag and its online persona just merged its "depth and investigative power" (hahaha: their quote) with online news resource The Daily Beast. What next: nude pictures of Sen. John McCain? [Thanks to The Randy Report]