Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Favorite Artist

I have discovered an astonishing artist, KIM ROBERTI from Texas, who paints a new portrait everyday on one of my favorite Web sites dailypainters.com. you can find her blog by clicking on the title above. She works strictly in oil and contributes a new work every day. We have communicated several times via e-mail and she is delightfully accessible. Her paintings are sold on ebay, starting at $50, but they often draw well over $100. I continue bidding, but haven't scored yet. Here are a couple examples of her wonderfully unique style. Please check her out

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I've just launched a new Blog documenting my pursuit of all things Brooklyn on foot! Take a look, cool cats! Just click on the link.

My Apartment Building, Brooklyn Heights

I was geaking around at the Brooklyn Public Library on Friday and found this amazing picture of my apartment building at 62 Montague Street in 1920. The beautiful canopy over the front door is gone, sadly...

At this point, there was a railing along the sidewalk to protect pedestrians from the Wall Street Ferry streetcar, which ran down Montague to the river. Of course, the ferry, streetcar and landing are all history now. Instead the Esplanade (Promenade) now creates a beautiful view into lower Manhattan, but prevents access to the water.

The second photo is the corner of Montague Street and Montague Terrace, with 62 Montague Street in the background. This was taken in 1914. The third photo shows the bottom of Montague Street at the East River, where the streetcar dropped off passengers to board the Wall Street Ferry.

I think of my Strelie every day. Here's a link to many memories...


More blasts from the past

Ok i'm having WAY too much fun with this little exercise...

Saturday, October 18, 2008