Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now What?

After Billboard laid me off in March 2009, I searched for a job for 11 months—until the Census Bureau offered me respite for seven months. That came to an end last Friday. Now what?Is there light at the end of the career tunnel? Maybe Mother Mary knows.Or another long, dark, twisted brain fuck through the unemployment mineshaft?

Edilson Nascimento: Sexiest Man Alive

At 24, model Edilson Nascimento was a finalist in the Mr. Brazil Contest. In addition to interests in sports and martial arts, he likes to pose in Speedos. Score!

Archie Comics Introduces Gay Character!

Archie Comics will introduce Kevin Keller in an upcoming issue of its Veronica Comics series. Towleroad interviews creator Dan Parent about his genesis. I grew up with all these guys—but always took Archie's best pal Jughead for the gay one. No matter; Kevin's cuter! In issue #202, Veronica will develop a crush on the new kid at Riverdale High, only to discover that he likes boys. Coolio!

Happy Birthday Deb Gibson!

Damn, Deborah Gibson turns 40 today! Now that just hurts my feelings. How in the world?!

Southampton: Parade Of Homes

I'll never get enough of the architecture present through beautiful Southampton Village, which rallies between quaint and majestic along each historic street. Put on your walking shoes, wit' me, won'cha?

Because The Night: "Exploring Mediums" 2

Saturday, Aug. 28, I returned to the scene of last week's "Exploring Mediums" art exhibit at 4 North Main in Southampton, where Leo hosted a lean but enthused crowd to benefit Bridgehampton Child Care & Rec Center.With: meese, Leo, director Bonnie, John & Ed.Displaying artist Clayton, who rather resembles Clark Kent.With Leo's wonderfully intelligent friend Maude.Leo with Eileen, the woman who so curiously walked right behind Tinatin performing a week before.Your mammer and diddy, fashioned out of shells.Vladimir on piano, Kane on vocals...Gary Lawrance's tribute to Grey Gardens: Before and After.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

And The Emmy Goes To: The Gays!

Despite the fact that the prime-time Emmy Awards opened with a dusty Bruce Springsteen song, I'm hanging out with the telecast in the background. No play-by-play this time, but I am thrilled that Jane Lynch won for Best Supporting Actress in A Comedy and thanked her WIFE Laura. God bless the millennium! Now if only I could say the same for the USA, still politically stuck with its head up the 1950s.

Also nice going to Eric Stonestreet, Comedy Supporting Actor, for playing a gay;and to (handsome) Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan for Comedy Writing, for "Modern Family," a wonderfully gay-friendly sitcom.

Whoo-hoo! And trophies go to openly gays Ryan Murphy for Comedy Directing his series "Glee"; and Neil Patrick Harris for his guest spot in "Glee"! And to known gay Jim Parsons for "Lead Actor in a Comedy, "The Big Bang Theory," who thanked his longtime partner Todd (if not categorically).

All that good gay N-R-G aside, perhaps the best moment of the night was "American Idol" being walloped (again) for Best Reality Show, to "Top Chef." Thankfully, Simon Cowell's exit wasn't enough to reward a burned-out show its expected win. Even more merited: Ryan Seabreast—the nation's leading closet queer—was also shafted as Reality Host. "Idol" lost all six of its noms. Now "go home"!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Southampton: R.I.P. (In Style)

The North End Graveyard in Southampton is steps from the main Village; the latest burial there is 1940, the first dates back to the early 1800s, including many of the renowned/most respected families in the Hamps.Resume on a gravestone?"Perfected life"? A lovely, albeit dated sentiment, it seems.Cool fonts, 17th Century style!Boo-haw!I hope she had better skin among the living.Sweet, as if they're embracing in the afterlife.Soldiers, line up!Stylish! Hipster name, girl!(For you, Donna!)

Yellow Fever

One final idyllic summer weekend in Southampton. Already, there's a chill to the evenings. I feel a change in the seasons just around the bend... and I'm not just talking 'bout the weather."Hello, my friend. What's cookin'?"Um, but what if I prefer Banana Republic?