Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Apple's iTunes Releases Beatles: Zzzzzz!

Apple has always made a big deal of every little announcement to come down the pike, but the pomposity the company demonstrated today was truly of Hindenburg proportions. On Monday, the company posted on its iTunes homepage, "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget."

That's right! I trimmed my fingernails this morning. Man, oh, man, they were getting long. Historic!

Apple, of course, was roaring that after seven years, it has negotiated rights to sell The Beatles catalog on iTunes. Frankly, in my book, New York's bedbug infestation is much more newsworthy/noteworthy.

Even CNET, typically a credible technology news source, fell victim to the hype, saying, "At long last, the works of the Beatles are available in iTunes." The Smoking Nun would like to add, "At long last, nothing is new! Zzzzzz."

In a release from Apple and EMI, the surviving Beatles or kin offered:

Paul McCartney: "We're really excited to bring the Beatle$' mu$ic to iTune$. It'$ fanta$tic to $ee the $ong$ receive a$ much love in the digital world a$ they did the first time around$$$."
Ringo Starr: "The Beatle$ from Liverpool to now! Peace and Love$$$."
Yoko Ono Lennon:
"It is $o appropriate that we are doing thi$ on John'$ 70th birthday year$$$."
Olivia Harrison:

Is there anybody who gives a shit about The Beatles that didn't upload the long-dormant group's songs to their iTunes playlist years ago? Or who doesn't just tune into Pandora if they need a fix? There ain't a single "new" Beatles' work for sale on iTunes, and by hawking individual songs for $1.29, this announcement really matters to nobody but the Apples—the computer behemoth and the record label (now EMI).

Cult of Mac noted,"Everybody except Steve Jobs was underwhelmed by The Beatles on iTunes announcement. The reaction here, on other blogs and on Twitter was unanimous: Who cares?"

Indeed. For consumers, this long and winding road leads... nowhere.