Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tina & Patrick: More Wedding Bliss

And the pics keep rolling in, as I have the pleasure of reliving so many precious moments of Tina & Patrick's Sunday wedding again and again.Breakfast of champions: just a touch of red wine before the nuptials. It's chilly out there!The bride is dressed and ready for her close up.Just before the ceremony, the Reverend Chuck spends a few minutes with the bride and groom and their parents... the "faith and devotion" and "love is the greatest gift of all" stuff. Natch, I cried... which was good. Got my tears out of the way before the actual ceremony. What can I say? I'm a weeper. I've got no problem with dat.
Patrick's pappy Jim. his mammer Marion, Donna's dear mammer Elsie and Tina's mammer Patricia.On the Promenade: "People, people! Gather in a semi-circle!!"Patty and the Reverend, as we wait for the bride and his pappy to make their formal entrance. How about that bright beautiful sunshine?The gang's all here.Bramalam, Christa and Donna take their places.Tina & Patty's friends Christoph and Martin, who traveled from Germany for the nuptials.
Here comes the bride!I love how passers by watched in the background, smiling and applauding when the newly married couple was announced.Lady Liberty watches in the background as the ceremony ensues.One of my favorites... As Tina & Patty exit, a gentleman sitting on the bench offers his approval.