Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quisp: My Hero Lives (In Long Island)

Quisp has long ranked No. 1 in my breakfast cereal hall of fame. Introduced in 1965 and depleted from store shelves by the early '80s, the brand has become so iconic that it simply won't go away... Quisp has its own webbie and a Facebook fan page, with endless tributes on cereal webbies and blogs.

This weekend in the Hamptons, Liz D. and I stopped by King Kullen supermarket and nearly had a fit of mania when there, at one of the end caps, was a display for Quisp cereal, which, as far as I knew, was only available for sale on amazon or through Quaker directly.

Cool cats, I bought five boxes of heaven in a hot second. Breakfast just got a lot more exciting.