Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Fun weekend enjoying New York City and a reprieve from the rather unpleasant weekday weather. Let's hope it holds out a little longer before the endless winter descends.

Friday evening I made a first stop by the newly opened Theatre Bar on Franklin Street in Tribeca, billed as Vienna and the 1930s meet Moulin Rouge. My Hamptons friends Alex Vignoli and his gal Juliana were co-hosting an art exhibit for his brother Fernando.While the atmosphere was festive and the adornment sufficiently gawdy, with plush maroon velvet everywhere, unfortunately, there were no ladies on horses to be seen, as at the September opening.Next I headed uptown to Hells' Kitchen to meet Ayhan and his ambassador friend Eric—currently stationed in, of all places, Pakistan. He told us how when he moved there several months ago, he was trained to protect himself from bombs—on the street and in his home. The bathroom is his most secure bunker, with enough armory to keep out a national army. It sounds gruesome.Saturday I gamboled into the city and walked around Times Square and up to Rockefeller Center to see the 2010 Christmas tree, which, alas, is still being held captive for the time being. The 75-year-old, 74-foot-tall Norway spruce weighing 12 tons, was raised Friday and will be lit Tuesday, Nov. 30.Finally, I capped the weekend with an intensive mystery shop on Fifth Avenue, shopping on three floors of a high-end department store and making a $500 purchase—which I shall then return to the store on Monday (thank god). Ultimately, I filled out an audit that comprised 300 questions. These folks mean business—and sadly, it was not a perfect world at the Xxxx New York flagship. Whoops.