Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, cool cats! Bless you for sharing time here at The Smoking Nun.For the 15th year in a row, I will be staying as far as possible from the annual Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade. Hurrah! Dating back to 1924, here's some vintage memories from the event, which is in its 84th year now.Times Square, 1932.Above and below: 1938's 120-foot Sea Serpent and clown with 68-foot nose, at the starting point in Columbus Circle. Looks a little obscene, if you ask me.Above, 1938's parade route. Below, Superman, 1940.Look who hosted the parade in the 1960s: Lorne Greene and Betty White!Appearing at the 1964 parade: The Munsters!