Sunday, November 21, 2010

East Side Stroll

Friday I had a networking meeting at the headquarters of Crain, publisher of Advertising Age, Crain's New York Business and numerous others, thanks to generous ally Ben Colarossi, an ad industry legend, who has gone out of his way to help me connect with power players in journalism.

We met at Crain headquarters at 3rd Avenue, blocks from Grand Central Station and I was so energized by the meet that my feet led me on a 2+ mile excursion south all the way to Avenue A and 3rd Street for happy hour some five hours later. Thankfully, I had my laptop with me, allowing for a two-hour stop at Starbucks for free Wi-fi.

By the time I reached Mary O's on the Lower East Side, my puppies were definitely ready for a drink.711 Third Avenue, Crain HQ.Above and below. Stop one: the ever-magnificent Grand Central Station.I bid farewell to Ben (above) and walk the seasonal shops throughout Grand Central. Boy, it's beginning to look... exactly like Christmas.And now the journey on foot begins... southward along Third Avenue......To Second and First avenues, then along the East River...And past Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital. Your mama says hi!I'd actually never seen the infamous Bellevue. Fortunately, it looks less gloomy than it did in 1906...Ditto for the 1920s...Walking, walking, walking...Onward past the mammoth residential Stuyvesant Town and Cooper Village...Did I mention mammoth?As if there aren't Starbucks on every Manhattan corner, naturally the first time in my life I actually was searching for one, it took more than 20 blocks... at last, First Avenue in front of Stuyvesant.
Onward to happy hour, at last!