Sunday, November 7, 2010

FIRST LOOK: Tina & Patty's Wedding

I met Patrick in 2000 when Billboard was first exploring the digital space, and decided to launch a web-based countdown. Longtime BB writer and Chart Beat columnist Fred Bronson was hired to write the script, I was brought in as host and Patrick Eves was delegated from the corporate eMedia department to engineer and produce. Over time, our countdown developed a potent, consistent persona, with guest stars constantly stopping by our phone booth-size recording booth... from Jessica Simpson and Clay Aiken to Neil Sedaka (pictured here) and Kimberley Locke. For a decade, we counted down the hits—at our peak fostering 485,000 hits a week.

I made lifetime friends of Fredly and Patty... The latter, with his girlfriend Tina, became godparents to little Kirby, the rescue Maltese that Ayhan and I had for six years. Because Kirby was so fragile, we preferred to have her stay home when we traveled, and P&T regularly came down from the Bronx to bunk at "their country home" here in Brooklyn Heights. They too fell in love with Kirbisha.

That's the basis of our bond with Patty & Tina... who were married today here at our home. The ceremony was performed—with me officiating—on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade at 12:45 p.m., amid a glorious, clear, brisk autumn day, with the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop. Patty's parents attended as did Tina's mother, and 30 members of their extended family.

After the ceremony, we came back to the apartment, celebrated, ate, toasted the occasion, went up to our rooftop and spent the day feeling the love of so many good friends and allies.

The official photos are coming soon, but here's a first glance with some pics snapped during the day, which was just brimming with love and good will. Life. It's good.