Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marky & Meese Do NYC... On Foot

My pal Mark motored down from Rhode Island last week to spend a couple days hanging with meese in the city.

Okay, take a deep breath... We set out in the morning and walked from Brooklyn Heights along the Promenade through Brooklyn Bridge Park into DUMBO, across the ever-glorious Brooklyn Bridge, admired the sleek new 76-story Beekman Tower designed by Frank Gehry, navigated through City Hall, across to Canal Street, up the West Side into Tribeca, where we watched a movie being filmed (jammed with paparazzi, even though we could never figure out who the hell everyone was waiting for), then weaved up to the West Village to look at Olivia Newton-John and Sheena Easton merch at the somehow-still-standing Record Runner—and were stopped in our tracks by pouring rain—so took the subway north to Splash, the quintessential Chelsea queer bar, where Bob and Tim joined us.... And... exhale!

How's that for a run-on sentence? That's the way the day felt, winding our way upward from Brooklyn through Manhattan. Google Maps estimates it was about 5 miles on foot. My puppies were aching, but the gin relieved that in a quick gulp.The view into Manhattan from Fulton Street Landing.From Brooklyn Bridge Park, looking toward the shimmering new Beekman Tower.Across Brooklyn Bridge...Past Beekman...Into Tribeca, where the paparazzi patiently awaited a glance at, um, somebody real famous...Through Soho...
And finally, arriving at Splash, where Marky and meese met with Timmy and Bobby... But wait, there's more! The following day the sun blasted through the clouds and Marky and meese met Timmy at the High-Line park, where the autumn foliage was in full bloom.Above, on the High-Line; and below, the Standard Hotel, delicately balanced above the park.We took a leisurely stroll through Chelsea Marketplace, where Marky's fave Rachael Ray tapes her show for Food Network.And then we explored the newly glam Meatpacking District, where the boy-watching was fruitful...Finally, we settled down for late afternoon margaritas at the outside patio at Dos Caminos. Ahhhh!