Monday, November 15, 2010

Café Con Darren Hayes

Late this morning I had the pleasure of meeting with longtime ally Darren Hayes at a lovely NYC hotel in Soho. The two of us spent more than two hours on a big comfy couch, sipping coffee, catching up and talking about surprisingly parallel lives, albeit in obviously different leagues: from the rise and peak in our chosen careers to having the rug unceremoniously pulled out... mourning and subsequently, with time and effort, making peace and ultimately moving forward (I'm not convinced I've fully accomplished the latter step... yet).

Darren had read my blog entry from a month ago, "Life On the 'D' List" and shared with me that he felt its universality. He offered much support, many words of wisdom and his perspective on similar personal trials. It was most comforting. The time simply flew by. What a gift: In this mad business, Darren is not just a famous guy that I covered for a decade at Billboard. He's a friend.