Monday, November 29, 2010

How Much Is That Doggie In The... Cart?

Liz D. and I took a break Sunday from polishing up our book proposal to check out the post Black-Friday deals at TJ Maxx in Southampton... where I made good on first Christmas presents for Ayhan.

As always, Coco and Jasmine accompanied us throughout the journey, complete with a shopping cart view through Maxx. Gotta love it.

We followed up with my new hobby: pet supplies! Now that Spencer and Abby are in our lives, it's opened the door to a new shopping destination. Hello, Petco...

Onward to the gargantuan King Kullen grocery for supplies... and back to work... We managed to edit and polish all 44 chapters of our synopsis over the three-day weekend. It's time to reignite our year's-plus worth of work on "Joyride."