Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Welcome To Hampton Roads!

And so a new life chapter has begun! I arrived in Norfolk, Va., before 1 a.m. on Tuesday, January 15, after a ridiculously melodramatic (read: egregious) exit from New York City—details to come... So much to report, aside from quick postings on Facebook... and let's begin with one of so many amazing links to the legacy of my new home here...

Today I lifted the bench of the piano that was left in the house, and found a yellow, ready-to-crumble newspaper article from August 1968, profiling first owner Margaret Daugherty.

She was an English professor at Old Dominion University (then ODC: Old Dominion College), which cast her as a non-nonsense teach who had no interest in her students' personal issues or coddling them... "I assume they're there to master the material. I have a standard which either they meet or they don't. If they become articulate in an area, they are more defined as people."

In addition—how cool is this?—Mrs. Daugherty (Dough-er-ty, as I recently learned from my next door neighbor) was the daughter of Grand Ole Opry founder George Hay. Can you imagine the parties she and hubby Guy hosted in the day? (I intend to carry on the tradition, thank you.)

Much digital enhancement to put this amazing keepsake back together! This is going in a frame, on the wall, pronto (click on image to see full-size).

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