Friday, April 4, 2014

You've Been Waiting For This, Right? The Taylor Top 10 For 1Q 2014

Oh, I know you've been aching & awaiting, cool cats. And here we are: The Taylor Top 10 for the first quarter of 2014... Enjoy, you hear?

1. Close Your Eyes—Roxanna
2. Save Me—Junior Turner
3. In My Bed—Ariana & The Rose
4. No More the Fool—Junior Turner
5. Burning Gold—Christina Perri
6. The Mother We Share—Chvrches
7. (See You) In My Memory—Patrick Dwyer
8. Think Twice (demo version)—Celine Dion
9. Carry On—Lisa Stansfield
10. Raging Fire—Phillip Phillips
BONUS: Feel The Love—Kimberley Locke f/Cahill

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