Saturday, May 31, 2014

Soulful Sustenance: Junior Turner Releases 'Tonight's The Night'

My fave new artist of 2013, U.K.-based Junior Turner, follows up my No. 2 song of 1Q 2014 with "Tonight's the Night," to be officially released in late June. I'm thrilled to say that Brother Junior and I connected via Skype last week for a late-night warm & fuzzy conversation, after many months of my unbridled love and support for his limitless talent.

Witnessing the progression of onetime U.K. pub & club singer/songwriter Junior Turner’s career is the sonic equivalent of watching TV’s “Masterpiece Theatre.” Over the last four years, he has released one consummate pop creation after another.

Previous single “Save Me”—an emotive, potent and ever so universal shout-out for help—was awarded the 2014 Indie Music Channel Award in the States for Best Pop Song, alongside a second nomination for he-said-she-said duet “Loveblind,” with Jess Wood. Both are among a collective of should-be hits on full-length release “Under Scrutiny.”

Turner’s latest single “Tonight’s the Night” bears witness to his momentous versatility, with a loving nod to old-school soul, complete with bleating horns, groovy guitars and knee-slapping percussion. As ever, the midtempo track is commandeered by Junior’s radiant warmth as a vocalist—which here, conjures ever-frequent comparisons to Robbie Williams, alongside so much soul that you’d swear our hero has rubbed shoulders with The Four Tops or The Drifters (with background accompaniment from frequent partner Jess Wood).

Turner has garnered award-winning success, global radio play and plenty of press for his musical wares. It’s time he was recognized as a talent that deserves critical mass recognition. Come on, it’s takes just one listen to “get it.” Yep, “Tonight’s the Night” that we can all cozy up to Junior’s wondrous world of musical masterpieces.

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