Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kitchen Renovation 2016: Let the Good Clean Fun Begin!

Ah, yes, home rennnnnnnovations... an activity I have endured with endearment how many times now? I bought my diamond in the rough Brooklyn Heights apartment in 2000, knowing it would ultimately require a complete renovation... It took 13 years, room by room (by room), during which I remained in my 950sf quarters each time.

Kitchen, then second bedroom and railroad hallway, then Dear Genevieve master bedroom, bathroom and finally, living room. That wrapped NYC... Since arriving in Norfolk, VA, I've gutted a full bath and the master bath. And now... the sizable kitchen, which has grown a little shabby over the past 50+ years.

Yeah, renovations. Been there, done that, love it! And here we are again, in Norfolk VA, adding a little love to my 1962 mid-century modern home Wiseacre. Blogging lost its luster (for all of us) a couple years ago, but I'll be using the trusty Nun to post pics as this fun process continues for the next six weeks.

Let the mad fun begin!! Here we are Sunday night, stripped and ready to GO DOWN!

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