Friday, August 5, 2011

August: William Levy's Career Explodes (Oh, You're Very Welcome)

When we first met William Levy in October 2010, The Smoking Nun gushed, "He is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creatures stalking the earth. The lips, the teeth, the hair, the eyes, that body… oh, and apparently he’s talented, too." Ultimately, he was our runner-up for Most Beautiful Man Alive in 2010, a close second to victor Rodiney Santiago.

At that point, Levy was best known for modeling in his skivvies and a burgeoning career in Spanish-language telenovelas: After high school, he studied business admin on a baseball scholarship and was then signed by Next Models and featured in two Telemundo reality shows in 2005. He studied acting, and was cast on Univision in the Venevision Olvidarte Jamas, before starring in a string of telenovelas.

What a difference a year makes. In addition to becoming the headliner on Telemundo's just-wrapped nighttime soap Triunfo del Amor, he gained instant notoriety when Jennifer Lopez hand picked Will to co-star in her music video for "I'm Into You."When Lopez announced her divorce from Marc Anthony earlier this month, the press had a field day suggesting that Levy and JLo were truly making beautiful music together during the vid shoot, especially since he and his D-level actress wife had recently parted ways.

Now suddenly, Levy is on fire, entertaining Hollywood film offers, developing a fashion line and appearing on Entertainment Tonight. I'm sure that The Smoking Nun's consistent monthly coverage of William has been the catalyst to push him over the edge toward true mainstream fame, right? No need for thanks. Happy to help!

And now for the news:
* Triunfo del Amor wrapped Aug. 1, as poor Levy met a tragic end. Despite the fact that his true love was all sickly and shit in a quarantined room, he lifted her plastic bed tent to hold her... and dropped dead within minutes. She really wasn't pretty. You'd think he might've waited until her antibiotics took hold. Alas!

* Dolce & Gabbana has discovered Levy's perfect form: He has reportedly signed a $300,000 contract that will toss him back in time to his early days as an undie model... mind you, with a few more 000's added to his winnings. Sweet!

* Levy is launching a line of clothing and accessories for women called Cuba that includes sunglasses, watches and lingerie. Apparently, he also has his own cologne coming in January 2012. Naughty thoughts, naughty thoughts...

* Will's birthday is this month! He will turn 31 August 29. We'll be celebrating his birth, for sure!