Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: The Year In Photos, Volume III | The Top 10

Throughout 2011, I was able to capture the sites and scenes of every step I took with my Nikon D5000 SLR, which I purchased in December 2010. Obviously, it made a hell of a difference over my sweet lil' Nikon Coolpix. Add in the digital editing capabilities of several software programs and it was one sweet labor of love to record 2011 in photographs. And now... my top 10 photos of the year!
No. 1: "A Gift From God," Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. When Donna Mae Moose, Leo and meese headed to the rooftop of my Brooklyn Heights apartment building at dusk in early November, we witnessed a sunset that grew more dramatic by the moment. It was unlike any I have ever seen. We were stunned. No editing of this pic whatsoever.

No. 2, "I Was Raised On Country Sunshine," Lynchburg, Va. While visiting my folks over Thanksgiving, I rushed down a street behind their house to capture this barn atop a hill just as the sun was peaking in the sky. Obviously, the colors are enhanced and the landscape softened, so that it looks almost like a painting... but it's as real as could be.

No. 3, "Momo Cafe," NYC's West Village. While I was having a bev with pal Pook at retro gay haunt Julius in November, I stood at the corner and saw this lovely scene.  Everything about the moment was quaint, and showed a rare slow, sweet moment in the concrete jungle.No. 4: "Umbrella, Ella, Ella," Fire Island, N.Y. A simple shot, manipulated into an oil painting, showing the contrast of the colorful sky & trees against a festive umbrella. This says summer to me.

No. 5: "Money Shot," NYC. A glorious sunset along Manhattan's Wall Street, jazzed up a bit to show the dusky oranges of the eve.

No. 6: "A Matter Of Life And Death," Trinity Church, NYC. The simplicity of a child running with joyous abandon amid the graves of those buried for hundreds of years at Trinity Church in the Wall Street District.

No. 7: "Long Day's Journey Into Night," Fire Island, N.Y. This dude was simply soaking in the sunset on the dock of Fire Island's Cherry Grove. I minimized all of the color, except just around the sun.

No. 8: "One In A Million You," Brooklyn Heights, N.Y." My 10-year relationship had just ended in September and I was looking for a way to capture the notion that my sadness lay in contrast to what felt like a happy world around me. Red represented my sense of anger and betrayal. Many ways one might interpret this, but that's what it meant to me that day.

No. 9: "Cutie Cupies," Cold Spring, N.Y. During a summertime daytrip with Leo to Nyack and Cold Spring, N.Y., I took delight in the thrift and antique stores along the way. In an earlier post, we saw troll dolls... This, I think, trumps those critters.

No. 10: "Gateway to Serenity," Lynchburg, Va. Donna Mae Moose took me to the Civil War Cemetery while in Virginia this summer. This renowned stone arch was whipped into an oil image. Very handsome, I say.

BONUS: "Ocean Drive," Fire Island, N.Y. The giant doggie seems as chilled out as his masters walking leisurely behind. Sweet, calming, dear. *