Friday, December 23, 2011

2011's Sexiest Man Alive... And The Nominees Are...

Welcome to the world-class nominee pool for The Smoking Nun's 2011 Sexiest Man Alive. This year, we offer a field of nine macho candidates for your viewing pleasure. And the nominees are... Jed Hill, Joe Manganeillo, Michael Barre, Josey Greenwell, Chris Hemsworth, Nick Ayler and 2010 encores William Levy, Kellan Lutz and Rodiney Santiago.

And now, cool cats, it's your turn to vote! See the poll to the right side and offer your input for 2011's Sexiest Man Alive. The winner (uh, despite your input) will be announced in one week, December 28.

Jed Hill, 26 and a former Penn State football player, decided the world would be better served by his dedication to fitness and underwear modeling. We wholeheartedly agree.

Encore!!! 2010's runner-up for Sexiest Man Alive William Levy (a hair behind Rodiney Santiago) fulfilled 2011 with a red-hot calendar and constant presence in Latino pop culture, as he wrapped his role in telenovela Triunfo del Amor, made a cultural event out of Jennifer Lopez's music video for "I'm Into You" and for the fifth time, was named one of People en EspaƱol's Most Beautiful. He made a horrid strategic error in turning down a role in Magic Mike, his potential foray into Hollywood, and shaved his head in 2011. But we still love the guy.

HBO's True Blood co-lead Joe Manganeillo, whom I'm frothing all over in his role as Big Dick Richie in 2012's Magic Mike, plain and simple, offers the full package: machismo, beautiful brown eyes, great sweeping hair, packed jeans and of course, those delish abs. So handsome. Ooh la la!

Kellan Lutz is another 2011 encore, following a number of fitness covers and delectable photo shoots. He's on the verge of becoming toooo muscular, a la steroid king, but as long as he maintains those radiant blue eyes, Kellan is in the running.
Ruff!! Model Michael Barre is all a man oughta be—and, indeed, everything a gay enjoys ogling. Do we even have to list his attributes? A stunning face, a body worthy of naughty porn, a teasing smile and lord have mercy, he does appear to fill his britches, yes?

Welcome back, Rod! 2010's Sexiest Man Alive definitely kept the fire burning in 2011, with a constant flow of new modeling gigs, including Rufskin, in addition to countless personal appearances, including several in NYC, where I was able to say howdy to this surprisingly sweet, sincere swath of perfection. Rodiney earned high marks on a monthly picturesque basis—not to mention being the most-visited presence on The Smoking Nun all year, alongside William Levy. Could Rodiney score a two-for-two Sexiest Man of the Year victory? Take a look at that face & bod and you tell me.

Out-and-proud country singer and model Josey Greenwell was raised in Kentucky, won the Colgate Country Showdown in 2006 and was signed to a record deal in Nashville at age 19. When the label discovered that Greenwell is gay, he was promptly dropped. Now the 23-year-old singer is finding his own way, thanks to a shitload of gay press and a promising modeling career. He covered DNA mag and the 2012 Sparticus Travel Guide this year with... our beloved Rodiney Santiago.
The star of 2011 hit flick Thor transformed what could have been a one-dimensional superhero role into a bemusing onscreen presence, while boasting undeniable beauty & machismo. Chris Hemsworth has a mighty promising career before him, with a "nice guy" rep in Hollywood & heaps of talent.NICK AYLER
Talk about winning the beautiful man lottery. Nick Ayler was born in Las Vegas, and moved 18 times by the time he graduated from high school. As a model, he has graced campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, TYORI menswear and Apple, as well as modeling for DNA, Mens Exercise and Bello. He's appeared in flicks Holy Rollers & Fighting, and TV shows Army Wives & Mercy. He also happens to be one of the most delectable men I have ever seen in my long long life.