Wednesday, December 7, 2011

31 December Days Of Vintage Advertising: A Bit Of Queer Innuendo

Long before Marky Mark, Antonio Sabato Jr., David Beckman and Kellan Lutz were peddling men's underwear with more than a flashy dash of homoeroticism, ads from long ago for everything from soap, pajamas, beer and yes, undies, were perhaps raising eyebrows in their gregariously male friendly presentation.

Were the ad guys deliberately sprinkling these vintage adverts with a bit o'queer innuendo? Perhaps they sensed that there's nothing more inviting than slapping your best buddy on the behind when the wife is at home with the kids (or sharing martinis with the other lunching ladies on the street)? 

Seeing these, you have to wonder: What the hell was the big deal about enforcing Don't Ask Don't Tell? It appears these stocky gents are all getting along just fine. Today, of course, undie ads have gotten more than a little erotic, audaciously pushing forward the idea that showing off one's crotch to its bountiful best is no longer the homo world's domain.