Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Everything's Archie!

As my interest in all things Archie continues to reach new grown-up heights, I've been trying to get a read on the worth of the '60s-'70s-era cloth 19-inch doll I bought Sunday at an NYC flea market for a cool $5.

I took Arch to St. Mark's Comics in Brooklyn Heights Monday and was given a guesstimate of $22. A couple commenters on doll collector webbies gave me figures between $8 and $18. 

That's it? Well, at least I didn't overpay... and shucks, he's priceless to me! And let's not forget the  treasured original Archie sketch that my buddy Bob asked illustrator Dan Parent to draw for me (on right)...

Meanwhile, after selling $800 worth of no-longer-needed junk in my apartment on eBay over the last month, I've indulged in a second Archie doll (on left). After negotiating with the seller, I knocked this adorable 2005 14-inch Archie Plush Kellytoy down from the asking price of $15 to $10... He should be arriving within the week.

Sadly, at some point, I owned the classic 1987 15" Archie (on right), but he vanished when I moved from Washington to New York in the 1990s. His average eBay price: $75!

Collecting... not a fan of assembling a bunch of junk in a cramped New York apartment... but a few Archiekins keepsakes won't hurt, right? Right?

Meanwhile, as I've written about numerous times, Archie Comics took brave forward steps into the millennium with the first gay character in comic book history, Kevin Keller. Since the gang lives in the state of New York, his February 2012 issue will be devoted to the handsome blonde's same-sex wedding.

What I didn't realize is that there's a subculture in the slash fiction genre that has decided that Archie is also gay—despite his life-long dedication to Veronica and Betty. This is just wrong, cool cats (but a little bit funny as hell, too).