Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Swedish Style': Transported Back To The '80s (For One Day, Anyway)

Monday was like a weird, wondrous flashback to the early 1980s, as I delivered a PR package to Ayhan for his upcoming full-length theatrical rock musical Swedish Style, based on the break-up of super group Opus 10, a quartet in the spirit of ABBA.

After writing a press release, liner notes for an upcoming double-disc soundtrack, a website post, bios and synopsis treatment, I descended upon the Times Square off-Broadway theater where Ayhan and Chris H. were filming a promotional video for the production—complete with period costumes—to serve as photog for the session. The ensemble acted out a number of the musical numbers for Chris' film, as I snapped away. Ah, the '80s... If only music were as good now (said Grandpa)...