Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas In New York City

It's tough to beat New York City's grandest Christmas display of all: The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. This year, the 79th-annual 74-foot-tall woodie is lit with 30,000 LED lights—that extend five miles!

There are plenty of other delightful displays across the city, where you don't have to wait in inexplicable lines to take a look (hello Macy's)... or this god awful conundrum at Bergdorf's to the right.

Here are examples of some lovely holiday ornaments, balanced against others that are, shall we say, more modest in presentation... First, ah, yes, give me the Brooklyn Bridge any day... It hardly even needs lights to remain one of the year-round best NYC sites.
Below, the magnificent Christmas tree in the lobby of gal pal Val's Upper West Side coop building... and beside it, uh, a more conservative approach in a nearby park...And here, seen below, the window in a Brooklyn Heights stationary shop, with a more "rustic" take to the right in a nabe diner...
Brooklyn's handsome and majestic Borough Hall, all decked out today...
Sweet... I rather like it... since this is the door to my apartment.
But nothing beats this view: The little tree my parents put up while I was in Lynchburg, Va., for Thanksgiving. This, more than anything, feels like Christmas.
 And finally, yes, quintessential NYC: Rock Center...