Thursday, December 8, 2011

Say Hello To My New iPhone 4S Snickey... The Game-Changer!

It was March 18, 2010 when I got my fifth Verizon cell phone, the cute Razzle. The unit introduced me to my first Qwerty keyboard—requisite since I was working for the U.S. Census and sending dozens of texts every hour—along with a clever flip mechanism to play music. Mind you, had I known then that the only way to access music was to purchase it from Verizon, I'd have chosen another unit. How preposterous.

So last week I at last joined the iPhone revolution with the new 4S... After waiting weeks for my contract to come up for renewal, the phone was back-ordered; when it finally arrived, I was terrified... It actually sat in the FedEx box overnight as I contemplated making the change to its bold technology. Duhhh...

Now that "Snickey" the iPhone is activated, Siri and I have become fast friends. No need to type texts anymore... lovely. Man, this is a game-changer, all right.

I'm just beginning to explore all the possibilities of this little marvel, but I feel hopeful we're going to be buds for the long term. Can't wait to try Facetime, the video phone call feature... and to add Shazam and dozens of apps that I'm gurgling to investigate. I've already got a list compiled.

And for god's sake, at last I can add my iTunes to the phone, while taking advantage of the 8 megapixel camera, instead of my lil' Nikon point & shoot. This adds a little grin to my everyday existence. I know I'm far from alone with the sentiment.