Friday, December 30, 2011

Trix & Jack Descend Upon NYC To Usher In A Happy 2012

Trix and I have a long history together, all the way back to college days at James Madison University in Virginia. Among the classes we shared was "Voice and Diction," where we were instructed in learning "standard American English." (Actually, I give credit to the class for excising the remains of my southern accent, as I practiced week after week, "Eat each green pea" and did learn to speak like a proud Yankee.)

After two years of prodding and pleading, I at last convinced Trix to bring her cool 16-year-old son Jack to the big city from Lynchburg, Va., just in time to celebrate New Year's 2012. They arrived Wednesday afternoon and I met them at Penn Station. After visiting my apartment building rooftop in the eve and hitting downtown Brooklyn's hopping new Shake Shack, on Thursday morning we hit the streets with gusto... 

Ready? From Brooklyn Heights, we walked along the Promenade to Brooklyn Bridge Park to Jane's Carousel to Fulton Landing through DUMBO, then across the Brooklyn Bridge on foot, through Tribeca, stopped at the Square Diner for lunch (Jack was hungry for an experience like he had seen on Seinfeld), shopped along Chinatown's Canal Street, worked our way all the way up lower Broadway with dozens of shopping stops, including NYC's new trend of streetside cupcakes, to Astor Place, then down St. Marks Place and onto the R subway back home... Mercy!

That was a long day's journey into night... Friday, I'm accompanying Trix & Jack on an all-day bus tour of the city to review all the sites, with camera in hand, including the top of the Empire State Building.  This year is going to end on a high note, after all. Sweet bliss, it is!Below, a trend Trix and Jack told me about called "planking," where you pose flat as a board on various city surfaces. Trix demonstrated, as did a squirrel in City Hall Park. *