Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon In The City: Look, It's Archie!

I spent Sunday afternoon with gal pal Val (three rhyming words!) at her Upper West Side coop. After a delish homemade brunch, we ventured into the nabe—taking advantage of what I suspect is one of our last temperate days in 2011—venturing first to a nearby park, where I delighted in a medley of fall blossoms...And utilized my Nikon D5000 to take fab shots of an indulgent Val... See what a funny guy I am?...To her job at the newly renovated New York Historical Society, where Honest Gay Abe greets passersby on the front steps... ...Onward to the giant long-lived GreenFlea at 77th & Columbus...Whenever I "thrift," there are three items I consistently sniff for: anything that has to do with Blue Willow ceramics, Quisp cereal merch... and my beloved Archie Comics.

I was stunned to come across a vintage cloth doll at GreenFlea, figuring its value must be way out of my pocket change budget. "How much?" I asked the vendor... When he responded $5, my hand was in my pocket in a quick shake. I've no idea of his value (yet). He's well-worn, the vendor figures he's from the '50s or '60s... but what a precious find! That pic leads our venture at the top. Oh, how I love you, NYC!