Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Sweet Sound Of The Words 'Open Bar' | English Gin Master Class

While my favorite word in the world is "Reserved," a close second would have to be "Open Bar." Ah, the sweet trickle of booze down one's gullet with no price tag attached. Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend one sweet NYC event: a tasting session for my beloved gin.

Freelance journalist pal Tina B—who writes about a lot of fine wines and liquors—invited meese to join her for an English Gins Master Class soiree at midtown speakeasy JBird, craftily hidden behind XVI Lounge.

After entering the latter joint, one meanders down a long black hallway, you take a couple turns and meet an imposing elevator door... which then lifts you to the top of a stunning highrise into a cozy, ultra modern lounge, where the views are spectacular—and the hooch flows freely.

Specialties on the menu included the Westside Wassail Punch, with Beefeater gin, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, lemon juice, Apple Lambic and apple bitters; and the Alpine 50/50, with Plymouth gin infused with rosemary, orange bitters, Wormwood bitters, Dolin Blanc and Zirbenz Stone Pine liqueur. Sure beats a gin and soda, eh?In, down, around... and up to the sky! To access JBird, you have to know exactly where you're going, behind XVI Lounge...Beautiful space, beautiful people and...A beautiful line-up of British gin. Speaking to my heart...My beloved hostess Tina and meese... I'll drink to that!Master class in session... as Tina refills our refreshments.How's this for a view... from the outdoor penthouse lounge... Ah, New York...