Thursday, January 28, 2010

Republican Aaron Schock

Just watched frosh Illinois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock on "Larry King Live." Why is my gaydar ringing like the Liberty Bell? Wonder how many years it'll be before the anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage politician is caught in bed with another dude? Sniff, sniff, boy do I smell gay.And in stupid gay news: Ted Haggard's wife is standing by her man, no matter how many men he slept with—because he's cured now. Hurrah! Gayle Haggard appeared on "Today" Wednesday to hawk her book, "Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made In My Darkest Hour" (zzzz) and proudly chirped about her Evangelical superstar husband: "Our sexuality is conditioned. Ted was dealing with certain compulsions that were unwanted."

But therapy made it all go away. How easy! And now Gail gets to keep spending his money. What a relief for everybody.

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