Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011: The Year In Photos, Volume II

Good morning! I offer for your perusal Volume II of my fave photos taken throughout 2011. And I hope you have a tissue. This is going to be an emotional journey, replete with giggles, tears, gasps and sighs. One of the things I'm enjoying about these is reliving the journeys of this year gone by. Hope you do, too. Why, are you getting moist already?
One of my absolute fave projects of the year. While my pal Leo was staying at NYC's dilapidated Chelsea Hotel before moving back to the city in February, I visited early one morning as he was chowing down on his oatmeal. The joint was a dump and lent itself beautifully to the sense of desolation from another era... I aged them, blurred the edges and faded them, adding a SEPT 1962 stamp... Instant old-fashioned loneliness!
Union Square Fresh Market... six shots collaged into a tasty salad.
Coney Island High: A classic August beach scene along Brooklyn's southern-most beach—actually the first time I had ever been here during the summer months. I love the colors of the umbrellas and a joy you can almost absorb from thousands tickling their toes in the water.
Next to the sunflower, hydrangeas are my fave flower. This sweet blossom in Nyack, N.Y., was a perfect ripe blossom, with hints of purple and pink.
Along Court Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. The old-fashioned Coke bottles sat in the window of a bodega, begging for a little digital aging.

You can just about smell the sweaty intensity on the dancefloor during Fire Island Pines High Tea, as hundreds of men rub their bodies together, occasionally cheek to cheek. I added more heat to the photo by upping the orange to an extreme, as if the boyz were about to burst into flamez. Below, same scene, I swirled the camera around with no flash to stir it up all the more.Another weekend, a different club, similar effect. Love the bright raspberry color.So simple, so sad. A tiny marker in an abandoned cemetery close to my parents home in Lynchburg, Va., The poor woman didn't even merit a name? I added glow around the edges to spook it up. And below, at a cemetery in Bedford, Va., this was just too damn funny to ignore. A Stiff in a graveyard? Major digital effects to the left.

 July 4th along New York City's East River as a ferry boat delivers mighty fanfare. Of course, the buildings in the background are iconic, with the Empire State Building rising high.
Back to Coney Island... The image above... so famous you can't screw it up. I focused the color on the neon sign. Below, two Russian women soaking up the sun on the boardwalk, with images of Nathan's and the amusement park close at hand. This seemed timeless to me.
More Nathan's, more color enhancement...
Cold Springs, N.Y., in a thrift shop. A chest was packed with buttons of all sizes, shapes and colors. How could I miss? Inset: A little digital fun.
Brooklyn's Borough Hall just before July 4. This was an absolutely perfect day: blue skies, flowers in full bloom and the peak of urban beauty.
Fire Island. I did very little in terms of manipulation to this pic. God took care of it for me.
This just cracks me up. Girlfriend has enough attitude to last from the Bronx to Brooklyn. I heart New York.Fire Island again... After so much rain this summer, the boardwalk was overgrown to the point that it was tough to navigate. That said, it was lush and beautiful.
Beach balls were piled behind the pool at a Fire Island hotel, which, with a lot of color enhancement, offer a joyous image of playtime in the summer.
Plain and simple, just a friggin' funny image... That's all, folks.
A squirrel in NYC's Madison Square Park, which I digitally mucked with so that he blends slightly into the grass. This was a tough hand edit that took me nearly an hour.
Beauty Bar in Union Square... I had a damn good time making this into a ridiculous image, complete with raindrops. Whether I succeeded... not so sure.
Suburbia exemplified... Mailboxes along my parent's street in Lynchburg, Va. I've been trying for years to get this one just right.
Nothing like being in the right place in the perfect moment. God gave me this one.

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