Thursday, December 19, 2013

Leaving New York City: So Close I Can Smell It!

Just back in NYC after four days in Norfolk, Va., with my gal pal Suzanne in tow, scouring my soon-to-be new home before the big move in mid-January 2014. While I was away, the
buyers of my beloved Brooklyn Heights apartment were APPROVED by the coop board. Check!

Next up in the ever-complicated real estate realm of NYC: bringing together attorneys on both sides, alongside the buyers and meese to seal the deal.

I am now working with all parties for a closing date of Monday, January 13 for the signing, meaning that I will hopefully head south one day later and begin this wondrous new chapter just about one month from now... Of course, during the visit this week, how could I not connect with forever friends Francie and Mary & Bill, who were so integral in the initial September search?

Following is a sprinkling of pics from the visit, which was wildly different from my first sighting in September, when all was still green... and yet, Winter is just as beautiful, facing Lake Whitehurst...The beautiful neighborhood of Ghent in Norfolk... And more of the house on Heutte...

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