Monday, June 20, 2011

Daytripping: Cold Spring, N.Y. Antiques & Collectibles For Days

Ambling down Nyack, N.Y.'s charming Main Street, there are restaurants, bed & breakfasts, clothing boutiques and the like—but more often than not, the sign on the door hearkens an antiques dealer. The grab-bag shops here are a far cry from the haughty high-end nose-in-the-air establishments commonly found in New York; you'll find as many collectibles & kitsch as high-end items like antique furniture.

Salt & pepper shaker collections, troll dolls, thousands of buttons in a bin, pottery & dishware (including no shortage of my beloved Blue Willow), dolls, vintage bottles, tins & kitchen products from wobegone days...

Many of the stores are like emporiums, with booth after booth lining deep warehouse spaces. It's a browser's paradise with gregarious shopkeepers that again, separate it from so many snooty "ring the bell for entry" antique shops in Manhattan. Let's browse...

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