Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Sweet Retro Walk Down The Aisles Of 1960s/1970s Supermarkets

After I bought my apartment in Brooklyn Heights in May 2000, I was confronted with 70+ boxes to unpack. Whenever I found myself overwhelmed and stressed and had to get out of the building, Itook refuge wandering the aisles at the Key Food just up the street.

Having previously lived on the Upper West Side & in Tribeca, it was a joy to have a supermarket instead of Manhattan's typical overpriced, understocked bodegas.

For whatever reason, supermarkets have always held fascination for me: their overt organization, clever displays, the fascination of new food innovations on the shelves.

Maybe it has something to do with childhood memories of going with my mamer to the Winn-Dixie and the A&P as a kid in Lynchburg, Va.... Groceries... like comfort food to me, even without necessarily eating it.

Let's take a stroll down the aisles of some retro supermarket images I found myself pouring through on the web... Good, clean fun.Smokes and booze!! Ah, those were the days!
One of the world's greatest cereals!! King Vitamin!!

Pastel checkout!!

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