Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve With NYC Family

When you're single and have no kids to indulge, Christmas Eve is open to all possibilities... such as celebrating with friends at an NYC gay bar. I joined Leonard and Ayhan at Boxer's in Chelsea for festivities early Monday evening, followed by a final Christmas cocktail a couple blocks west at G Lounge. Above, three pics, three different iPhones!

Amazing to walk the streets of New York... empty. Not a car or cab in sight... so odd.

This is the second Christmas that I've been single, after a 10-year relationship, where we traditionally decorated the tree, watched "Mommie Dearest" every year and opened dozens of gifts on Cmas Day. It's an odd sort of phenomenon, being solo during the holidays... Despite decorations and good cheer all around, it maintains a dull, ground-level buzz, never quite penetrating my emotions.

I have a stack of Christmas cards sent to me over the past several weeks; they remain unopened so far, simply because reading each card, sitting by myself, feels like a lonely affair. Better to wait until the holiday has passed, when I hope to enjoy them without attaching the meaning of "Christmas Without You" to warm wishes.

Yes, Christmas is a bit of a bummer. It's pretty, it's warm and wonderful, and yet, it's truly the loneliest day of the year. Sometimes life is an empty highway, indeed. *

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