Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Sexiest Man Alive: William Levy

Cuban-born model and actor William Levy moved to Miami before his 15th birthday—a lucky break for America, since he is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creatures stalking the earth. The lips, the teeth, the hair, the eyes, that body… oh, and apparently he’s talented, too.

Now 30, the 6-feet-tall Levy starred in two reality shows on Telemundo before launching his acting career via seven telenovelas on Univision, winning two Best Actor awards. In 2008, he starred in his first film, “Retazos de Vida,” lensed in Ecuador. He has also appeared in a number of plays.

In 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010, People En Espanol named him one of the 50 most beautiful people alive, while he has modeled for Dolce & Gabanna and a number of undies vendors. I can surely understand why.

Scroll down nice and slow. This is a special one, cool cats.The "yellow shirt" series...
The manliness series...The six-pack series..."A day at the beach" series...Denim series...The Spanish/Mexican/Latin press loves Mr. Levy. Can you imagine how sales jump every time he adorns a mag cover?Muchas gracias to William Levy World!


  1. Question: is he straight?

  2. He's straight, married with children actually. You can see her dougther in one of the pictures here.

  3. His son! not her doughter...!!

  4. Of course he straight William is dating a beautiful girl name Elizabeth and they have 2 kids a boy and a girl:)

  5. oh my god!!he is so hot and so sexy
    elizabeth is lucky


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