Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Celine's "My Love"

Lord knows it's been far too long since adult contemporary radio has given Celine her due... I am thrilled that "My Love" has reached No. 15 on the Billboard AC chart today... just as the format is flipping nationwide to full-time Christmas music, meaning that this is probably where the song will peak. But given that her previous single "Alone," a cover of Heart's already consummate ballad, never even charted on the format (um, given my review in Billboard that insisted "No, no, no!") I will take what I can get. Truly, I am so proud that this song is getting airplay, with its understated vocal and stunning lyric about love's humility (or so it seems).

Following is my Billboard review that ran in the Oct. 11, 2208 issue:

My Love (4:09)
Producer: Linda Perry
Writer: L. Perry
Publishers: Stuck in the Throat/Famous, ASCAP
“Taking Chances” possesses dubious rights as Celine Dion’s least-successful album from the past 15 years—ever, in fact. Not surprising, given that nearly all of her original Sony proponents have exited the company, leaving few to embrace her command of an everlasting base—i.e., that of labelmate Barbra Streisand—if only properly promoted. Previous single “Alone” was a disaster, failing to even chart at AC. But now, as Dion’s two-year worldwide tour reaches North America, “My Love,” written and produced by Linda Perry, has struck programmers’ fancy—and it is truly an inspired choice from “Chances.” Highly emotive and yet graciously understated, “My Love” oozes ache and uncertainty, as Dion pleads, “My love, can you give me strength, somehow I forgot how to ease my pain/I stand tall to get by, no matter how hard I try to hide.” This splendid composition and Dion’s atypical delivery offer potential to save a career in commercial turmoil. If Sony has any intention of protecting its investment, “My Love” needs a meaningful embrace.—CT

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  1. I too think Sony doesn't pay attention to her anymore, even though she brings in the big cash for them. It may be her worst sold English album, but it was still one of the best sold albums of all Sony's artist, not to mention the huge amounts of money they must be getting from her tour.
    I'm glad they finally released My Love, but it will not do too much, without a proper video. It has so much potential, but it's unexploited by Sony. Too bad. The song is still one of the best she's done in years!

  2. I agree with the previous comment, plus Celine is one of the biggest sellers worldwide out of the women. Taking Chances sold more than Mariahs, Madonnas & Janets last albums which is great.

    Celine should change record companies and maybe get a new breath of fresh air into her music

  3. My Love and Taking Chances should have gone to number one on AC radio, but I haven't heard one ounce of anything about either album on my local AC station. Thanks Sony for not even bothering......guess this is why Celine's fans have ipods!


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