Friday, May 7, 2010

Absolut Brooklyn

More than 40% of the vodka imported to the U.S. is branded by Absolut. And with good reason. The brand has among the most beloved and creative ad campaigns in history, created in 1980 and considered the longest ongoing campaign in history. To date, more than 1,500 Absolut ads exist, many regarded as collectible art.

Among the brand's city series ads is Absolut Brooklyn, created in 1994. And this year, in addition to its many, many flavors—Citron, Peppar, Kurant, Madrin, Vanilla, etc.—it launched not an ad, but a flavor called Absolut Brooklyn (already in circ: L.A., New Orleans, Boston, Vancouver).

Not loving the description: "a blend of red apple and ginger that captures the vibrancy and uniqueness of Brooklyn and the creativity it inspires." Uh, blech! And to further compromise interest, its flavor was developed with (Atlanta native) Spike Lee, um, who left Brooklyn in the 1990s to move to Harlem. Ah, hell, hail Absolut. I'll drink to youse.