Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Olivia Newton-John Fosters "Glee" Mania

Last evening, Ayhan and I cozied around the plasma to watch our first episode of "Gless," the hit Fox show created by Ryan Murphy—the dude behind fave "Nip/Tuck." "What's 'Glee'?" Ayhan asked. "It's that show all the gays like," I responded.

Admittedly, a series about a bunch of geeky high school glee club members wasn't particularly appealing to me. After all, I've already lived through "Fame: The Series," in addition to being a high school geek myself. How does this relate to me now?

Of course, what drew me in was Olivia Newton-John's appearance as herself, and a new recording/video of "Physical" (10 weeks at No. 1 in 1981), all in camp fun.

An hour later, "Glee" had earned itself two new enthusiastic gays. Beautifully crafted characters, hee-larious rapid-fire dialogue, hunky dudes, fabulous performance numbers... and OLIVIA the goddess, playing a wonderfully cavalier version of self. Score! Instant season pass! And my god, as ever, she looked ageless.

But the true beauty is that an entire new generation is destined to discover the wondrous talent of Livi. Already, at 8:30 Wednesday a.m., the "Glee" version of "Physical" is No. 31 on iTunes. Whee-haw!VIDEO CLIP ABOVE. Click lower right arrow. And below, the original video for "Physical," among the first music videos ever widely shown.