Monday, May 24, 2010

Achy-Breaky Brain

Whee-ha! In less than three days, we've gotten more than 10,000 hits for Norman Gentle's video for "Bitch Slap!" What a wild ride. This is making my brain ache and my stomach hurt. I think I might barf from the excitement... good for weight control, at least.

This morning, after two hours of hasty U.S. Census Bureau work, I'm back at my desk, shoveling through a barrage of 30 emails between Team Gentle members, updating Norm's blog on the hour with the latest, and giggling over the continuing momentum.

This morning, Perez Hilton tweeted his mammoth following of 2 million, which should keep this big, beautiful tidal wave building.Also, over the weekend, "American Idol" season 7 winner David Cook sent a Twitter to his 119,000 followers... third tweet down.