Monday, May 24, 2010

The Stevens Sisters

My mamer Evelyn came from a long line of ladies on her mamer's side of the family. The Stevens had five daughters, from left: Gypsy, Lottie, Pearl, Evelyn and Ruby. Are those not the most fabulous southern names you can imagine?

My mom's mom was Evelyn, who named her daughter Evelyn. They were known to family as Big Evelyn and Little Evelyn, which was certainly ironic given that my mamer was a good six inches taller than Big Evelyn (pictured here with husband Whithers, my brother Chris and 6-year-old meese).

Gypsy never married, and ended up living with Lottie and her husband Howard; they never had any kids. Pearl married and eventually moved from Lynchburg, Va. Evelyn is, of course, my grandmother, who lived well into her 80s. Ruby, sadly, died from tuberculosis in her early 20s.

With five daughters, it's little wonder that Mama and Poppy Stevens looks so damn unhappy below.

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