Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Conservative Portugal Approves Gay Marriage; Society Fails To Implode

Now even Socialist nations recognize that allowing gays to marry isn't going to force society to implode. Portugal's conservative president announced Monday that he is ratifying a law approving gay marriage in the predominantly Catholic country—the sixth European country allowing same-sex couples to wed.

President Anibal Cavaco Silva stressed that the country needs to focus on overcoming an economic crisis that has increased unemployment and deepened poverty. Wow: a political system that has its priorities in check. The U.S. can't even overturn discrimination to let gays serve in the military.

Cavaco Silva: "I feel I should not contribute to a pointless extension of this debate, which would only serve to deepen the divisions between the Portuguese
and divert the attention of politicians away from the grave problems affecting us."

Elsewhere in Europe, gay marriage is permitted in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Norway. It's also a-okay in Canada and South Africa. And America? Give us another 100 years or so to step out of the dark ages.