Friday, May 28, 2010

Norman Gentle Appears On "American Idol" Season 9 Finale... Kinda Sort Of

Wednesday night's "American Idol" season 9 finale was one agonizing affair. Is it any surprise ratings plummeted 16%, their lowest since season 1? The Bee Gees, Alanis Morrisette and Janet Jackson were refreshing—if only they weren't padded by all those no-name amateur finalists. And top two Lee DeWhatever and Crystal Suxsox... Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson they are not.

The reason I tuned in at all was to see our Norman Gentle, the first finalist ever invited to appear on two consecutive finales; he was slated this year during Dane Cook’s god-awful unfunny farewell tribute to Simon Cowell.

As the song began, Norman gamboled onstage with his Cowell cardboard cut-out—only to be short-circuited when that asswipe Ian Benardo stormed the stage and began an abusive tirade. The camera quickly cut to a commercial—eradicating the entire 4-minute song that Gentle had been rehearsing three days for.

What we see in the last second is Gentle tossing aside his companion cardboard cutout to wrestle the microphone from the vigilante dumbass. Norm's a hero! After the show, Cowell offered Gentle a hug(!), sharing, “I loved your song. Loved the music video." Sweet! We love the fact that Cowell has heard Gentle's single "Brit Slap!"/"Bitch Slap!"

Meanwhile, Normy was interviewed by The Los Angeles Times' Shirley Halperin for its red carpet video coverage Wednesday night, where he hawked "Bitch Slap!" Well done!
And Thursday morning, Gentle appeared on "Wendy Williams Show," which showed a clip of the music video, also highlighting it on her web site. Gorgeous...