Saturday, May 15, 2010

$idewalk $ale En$ues = Decent Day's Booty

After being postponed a week because of torrents of rain, Saturday, my building's semi-annual sidewalk sale ensued, giving me the opportunity to shovel out a miscellaneous heap of belongings taking up needless space in my apartment—stuff that's less valuable than the promise of cash.

As usual, I took my place beside neighbor and pal Tom, who hawked his original ceramics, while I sacrificed CDs, books, a Mexican sombrero, glassware, a bulletin board, coffee mugs, decorative mirrors, candle holders, copies of Architectural Digest and various knick-knacks. My total booty: $121. Time well spent, indeed, in addition to hanging with my building kin and checking out a parade of cute guys walking through the hood.Above: meese on left, Tom on right; below: Coop prez Dan, with some of my goods in bottom portion of pic.On right, building super Alex, with his "high-end" table.