Wednesday, May 26, 2010

iPhoto Phun

Not that the West Village's famous Christopher Street isn't plenty picturesque, but after stopping through the nabe Tuesday with my trusty Nikon Coolpix, my photos left me a little non-plussed, with a bit of the same ole, same ole. Not anymore...Manicured to look like a faded 1970's memory; in fact, May 25, 2010.The classic corner of Christopher Street and Seventh Avenue with the thankfully enduring Village Cigars. So oversaturated that it looks like a cartoon image.Ditto!
Could as easily be the 1920s as the millennium.A relic that has somehow survived amid skyrocketing rents. While many of the porn stores and tattoo parlors are being supplanted by trendy clothing boutiques—for better or worse—this neighborhood utility stands loud and proud... though here, quietly muted.The Freedom Monument in Sheridan Park.So long... see you soon!

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