Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yo, DJ: My Top 5 Of All Time

Memorial Day weekend... For the past six years, Ayhan and I have been invited to join pals B&T at their cottage in Fire Island's Cherry Grove. And typically, it's 45 degrees, blustery and rainy—naturally until this year when the weather is utterly ideal... and we did not receive the hoped-for invite... Well, damn.

Instead, Ayhan and I partied at home late Saturday night, trading DJ turns and getting our own Grove groove on. As part of the festivities, I counted down my five favorite songs of all time, which I'm wholly, utterly convinced that Smoking Nun followers are dying to know. And so...

1) Flashdance (What A Feelin')—Irene Cara
2) My Heart Will Go On—Celine Dion
3) Morning Train (9 To 5)—Sheena Easton
4) I Won't Hold You Back—Toto
5) For Your Eyes Only—Sheena Easton

Hey, I never ever claimed to be hip. But that makes me cool, right?

Ayhan's list held a little less steel-plated conviction, comprising Robbie Williams, ABBA, Keane, Hoobastank and Duran Duran.