Friday, May 14, 2010

New Yorkers' Breakfast, Lunch & Din Din?

McDonald's has been kind enough to share with diners in the United Kingdom an authentic taste of New York. Nope, not a bagel with lox and tomato, nor a thick pastrami sandwich. Matzoh ball soup? Uh-uh. Potato pancakes? Sorry.

According to Burger Business, McDonald's is promoting the "New York Special," a processed, fat-filled smoked cheeseburger as part of its new “Great Tastes of America” promotion in the U.K. The sandwich is topped with onions, lettuce, bacon and onion-mayonnaise, while the bun is dusted with chives, sesame seeds and bits of chile peppers.

In its advertising, McD's is showing all of those great reminders of Manhattan: the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Times Square. Oops, that's not right. NYC is represented in the promo with images of football, "Baywatch," Mardi Gras and monster trucks. You betcha!

I can only imagine that some marketing exec who has never been outside of McDonalds' headquarters in suburban Chicago must have come up with this genius scheme.

Next on McD's menu: a taste of the south, featuring curried goat... And what the hell is onion-mayonnaise, anyway?